Biography (Really, it's just an autobiography in the third person)

Born and raised in East Lansing, Michigan, and now residing in Washington, DC, Scott Barnes has been performing live for more than half of his life.  The 33 year-old picked up a guitar days after seeing a Dave Matthews Band performance in 1999; he was writing original material and playing on stage less than a year later.

As his sound and songwriting matured, Barnes put together a solid résumé of venues played and bands supported.  At just 18, Barnes was playing the bars of Michigan State University (we swear he didn't drink at those gigs).  He opened for Teddy Geiger and Kate Voegele on their swings through Michigan.  Upon moving to the East Coast, Barnes opened for Parmalee in Raleigh, NC, and played the storied Arlene's Grocery in New York City.

He has sold thousands of copies of his Fire & Revolution EP (2010) (someone in Thailand even bought it), and several more of his college bar nostalgia single "Bartender Make Me a Memory."  He also recently released the single "You Make Me Feel."

While his recordings capture his unique voice and variety of styles, Barnes' live shows set him apart from the bar/coffeehouse singer/songwriter.  Using an array of foot pedals for looping/live sampling (he was doing it before it was cool), Barnes creates the sound and energy of a 4-piece band.  His covers range from the heartfelt ("Hallelujah") to the outrageous ("Ignition Remix") to the perfect ("Africa" and "Sparks Fly"), and his witty on-stage banter keeps audiences begging for more - or saying "WTF?"

See for yourself.  Catch him on stage soon.